W2S3 [ˈseıfti] n plural safeties
1¦(not in danger)¦
2¦(harmful/not harmful)¦
3 somebody's safety
4¦(safe place)¦
5 there is safety in numbers
8 safety harness/helmet/glasses etc
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: sauveté, from sauf; SAFE1]
1.) ¦(NOT IN DANGER)¦[U]
when someone or something is safe from danger or harm
safety of
measures to improve the health and safety of employees
in safety
We were able to watch the lions in complete safety.
for safety
For safety, always climb with a partner.
You shouldn't travel alone, for safety's sake (=in order to be safe) .
For your own safety , please do not smoke inside the plane.
how safe something is to use, do etc
safety of
Campaigners have challenged the safety of genetically-modified foods.
safety standards/regulations/precautions etc
(=things that are done in order to make sure that something is safe)
The device meets safety standards.
Lower speed limits are part of a new road safety campaign.
3.) sb's safety
how safe someone is in a particular situation
The boy had been missing for five days and there were fears for his safety.
4.) ¦(SAFE PLACE)¦[U]
a place where you are safe from danger
safety of
30,000 people fled to the safety of the capital.
get/lead/drag etc sb to safety
Firefighters led the children to safety.
They reached safety seconds before the bomb went off.
5.) there is safety in numbers
used to say that it is safer to be in a group than alone
6.) ¦(SPORT)¦
a way of getting two points in American football by making the other team put the ball down in its own ↑goal
7.) ¦(GUN)¦ AmE
a lock on a gun that stops anyone from shooting it by accident
British Equivalent: safety catch
8.) safety harness/helmet/glasses etc
equipment etc that keeps you safe when you are doing something dangerous

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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